Auroville has many dimensions that are by now quite well known. But, there is one aspect – its role as a city, as intended by its distinctive city plan, which has somehow receded from view in the last years.

Work on the city plan, that came to be known as the galaxy plan, preceded the Charter. Both were in place on the day of Auroville’s birth. One was its physical map, the other, its matching soul intention.

As Auroville is poised for the next fifty years it is worthwhile to look back to be able to look forward more constructively and imaginatively.

Back To The Future (BTTF) was a new collective impetus (with a bit of humour) to start rediscovering and sharing the original material and ideas, to see what makes it a relevant model for the world, re-asses the present context and to see how best to carry this dream for the earth and its unity forward.

We want to engage with the vision of this city is all its aspects, starting with its planning and architecture and everything it impacts, both spiritually and materially: education & culture, organization & economy, environment and overall sustainability, bio-regional collaborations & new ideas in all field.

We will also be welcoming articles from people, who can help, both in the visioning and realization of Auroville.

Please note:

  • For now the posts follow one after the other in descending order
  • Comments and questions are welcome but will go through moderation
  • We will be uploading relevant reference docs as and when necessary

For more general information on Auroville go to : www.auroville.org

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