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 In Auroville City Planning


To the architects and engineers

You are not here to discuss the project.

You are here to build the city.


This message by the Mother was given to the Auroville Archives by the Ashram Archives recently.

An approximate date of 1966 is proposed with reference to Pierre Braslawsky, but this is not sure.

Braslawsky, an architect in Roger Anger’s team, told the Mother that he wanted Auroville to be purely democratic. In reply (13 August 1966/Agenda) Mother would tell him:  “Auroville should be at the service of Truth beyond all social, political and religious convictions.” And that: “I told him many more things (via a mental communication) but above all I insisted on the fact that it was better for the city to be built first! And then we would see afterwards.”

The text reproduced above is a general message, not directed at a particular person and without a date, thus remains relevant and urgent as it surfaces now.


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