Starting with a City Plan

 In Auroville City Planning

The Client and the Architect

In 1965, the Mother invited the French architect, Roger Anger, to prepare the plan for this new city based on her vision. Often there is speculation as to who actually was behind the plan. Perhaps both: One the originator of the vision, the other a receptive instrument capable of translating that vision.

What you have written is news to me – I know nothing about it. I told you already that I am waiting for the architect of Auroville who is coming at the beginning of September and we shall do together the plan of the town. I shall explain to him what I want and things will be done accordingly. Nobody else has any say in the matter. If you sincerely want the Truth, you must first abstain from believing all the stories people tell you, not always with a very harmonious intention.

24 July 1965, Mother to Huta / Spirit of Auroville p.27 or History of Matrimandir 2004, p.13

I strongly wish that we would stop referring to the Galaxy Plan as Roger Anger’s plan…  It is not my vision, but the logical result of the research and the Mother’s presence in particular. Her inspiration and influence gave birth to the concept of the Galaxy. This concept contains in its entirety the message of the Mother and the Dream…(she) gave sufficient explanations concerning the basis of her concept of spiritual urbanism…I’d say it is not the image of the Galaxy that imposes itself on Auroville, it is the necessity of the city corresponding to the Mother’s guidelines that leads us to the Galaxy.

Roger Anger, Auroville Today, December 1988

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